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Bassano del Grappa


The Brenta’s Valley, or Canal of Brenta, ends right in the encounter with this pretty little town in the province of Vicenza, cut through the river. Its origins are lost in the millenniums, but of its existence, as city,­ there is the first record in 998. The first symbol of Bassano is the old bridge “Ponte Vecchio” that joins the opposite banks and bears the signature of the greatest architect from Vicenza, Andrea Palladio. A walk around the old town still offers medieval echoes, first, and then, of the nineteenth century.

This was one of the Veneto’s walled cities, but by the time, of that massive surrounding wall, there are only a few fragments.Illustrious people have taken his name in the world, from the large Da Ponte’s family of painters to the one of important printers, the Remondini’s, to the botanist of international fame Alberto Parolini.

The embrace between the Monte Grappa and Asiago’s Plateau, both theatre of bloody battles during the First World War, make it even more appreciated by the many tourists who come to visit it.

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