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Bolzano is the state capital of South Tyrol and is crossed by the Talverà creek that flows into the Adige just a few kilometers south. The old town, enclosed between the two rivers, is rich of artistic buildings, starting from the cathedral consecrated to Saint Maria Assunta, in the square of the Parish, then moving to the Dominican and Franciscan churches, to Walther’s Square, with the statue dedicated to the German poet Von der Vogelweide, to the very popular Piazza delle Erbe with the Statue of Nettuno and the characteristic via dei Portici. In the surroundings of the center, than, stands a series of gorgeous castles, from Mareccio Castle to Firmiamo, to Flavon and to many others.Don’t miss a little stop at Renon, catching the cableway that leaves from the city and, up there, let’s catch the little train that connects Collalbo with Maria Assunta for a trip of six and a half kilometers far definitely of other times.

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