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Cittadella is a medieval walled town in the province of Padua, among the rare remained intact and accessible in the walkaway patrol. The length of this defensive work is equal to 1461 meters and features 36 different measurement towers that reach the maximum height of 30 meters and four doors turn south towards Padua, west towards Vicenza, North towards Bassano and East towards Treviso. The moat, fed by spring water, was once rich in fish. Interesting to visit are: the Malta’s Tower, wanted by Ezzelino III as a prison, mentioned by Dante in his Divine Comedy (now houses the Archeological Museum), the Bassanese Door with the Captain’s House, the “Palazzo della Loggia” of the fifteenth century, the Praetorian Palace, which was the seat of the Podestà of Padua first and of the Serenissima later, the nineteenth- century Social Theatre and the Cathedral, which houses a painting of Jacopo da Ponte: “The dinner of Emmaus”.

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