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The Panathlon International is a Club Service, sport devoted, that extends with its clubs around the five continents. The name ‘Panathlon’, of greek origin, word for word means:

Pan (All) Athlon (Sport).

It is born in Venice, on 1951, founded by a group of sport-lover friends with decoubertinian principles, that is the diffusion of ethical-moral values in the community. Mario Viali is the movement’s father. Panathlon became international on 1960, with its diffusion also outside the national borders. Its international headoffice is situated in Rapallo. The Panathlon International counts today on more or less 300 Clubs, scattered everywhere. Its members are more than 15 thousand. It is shared in 17 Districts (Nations) which are divided in Zones (Regions or macroregions) where the Clubs work for. Veneto and Trentino Alto Adige represent the Area 1, that is the historical one, whose headoffice is in Venice. The Panathlon International is acknowledged by the International Olympic Committee (CIO), with resolution on June 11, 1982, as a cultural meritorious entity. In fact, one of the Panathlon delegate is member of the CIO’s Cultural and Scientific Committee. The Panathlon International is partner of:

General Association of the International Sport Federations (AGIFS), International Fairplay Committee, Unesco, National Association European Olympic Committee (ACNOE), Sport’s European Cities Association (ACES)

Its motto is: “Ludis iungit”, that is SPORT UNITES.

Pierre Zappelli

International President

Federico Ghio

President of 

Distretto Italia

Giorgio Chinellato

Area 1




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