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In the embrace of the Nordkette, the imposing mountain range that surrounds it, Innsbruck is located at the confluence of two rivers: the Inn and the Sill.

Capital of Tyrol, it boasts a very important ancient history also due to its junction place position among the North Countries and the Mediterranean area.

A dutiful walk in the old town serves to enjoy a series of buildings and monuments of great acclaim.In the main street, the Maria Theresien Strasse, here is the Triumphal Arch, wanted by Leopold II, and the S. Anna’s Column.

Not far away it opens the Herzog Friedrich Strasse which ends at the highly visited little square, where is located the famous Golden Roof (Goldenes Dachl), covered by 3450 golden copper plates, that has become, overtime, the symbol of the city.


There are many other beautiful architectures to visit before venturing along the climb that brings to Brenner Pass, open window on Italy.

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