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venezia (1)

It’s the most beautiful city in the world, World Heritage site, unique on its kind, stolen by the sea to stud the 118 little islands of gorgeous buildings, artistic monuments, canals, ancient history, poetry. Walking through the alleys you can still breathe the air of the Serenissima Republic, undisputed Queen of the Adriatic.

It’s impossible to list all the beauty that you can visit in Venice, the only city where you can go only walking. We mention only a few of the many sights, starting from St Mark’s Square, with the namesake cathedral, moving to the nearby bell tower, the Doge’s Palace and the many other historical palaces of the city.

There are 400 bridges that connect the opposite banks of the 176 canals, the most famous and oldest of which is the Rialto’s Bridge, on the Grand Canal, but equally famous is the one of Sighs, which joined the Doge’s Palace to the new prisons.

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